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In addition to International Toll Free Numbers...

WorldNet Connect specialises in International Telecommunications Solutions for all types of businesses across the Globe and the UK. WorldNet Connect’s comprehensive portfolio including Toll Free Numbers has the ability to provide various services in over 100 countries.

Toll Free Numbers

  • Over 100 Countries
  • International Presence
  • Reach New Markets Virtually
  • Free to your Customers

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Virtual Numbers

  • Prestigious Global Locations
  • Virtual Local Presence
  • 100's of Cities Worldwide
  • Reduce Customer Call Costs

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UIFN Numbers

  • One Number Solution
  • Flexible Country Accessibility
  • Reduce Marketing Expense
  • Worldwide Tracking

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UK Services

  • 0800 Freephone Numbers
  • 0844 Non Geo Numbers
  • Expert Business Solutions
  • Lines, Calls & Mobiles

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International Toll Free Numbers or Virtual Numbers gives you the ability to reach new markets, Globally - Simple, Professional and Cost effective.…it’s a Small World!

Why choose us?

  • Low Rates & Unrivalled Availability
  • Pro-actively Increasing Countries
  • 20 Years Experience

Our ethos is to work with our clients together as "Business Partners" Applying our expertise and in depth knowledge ensures our clients are getting the best solution for their requirements. This is achieved with the highest service levels and the most competitive rates.